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Jim is a common-sense conservative.

Jim is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-business.

Jim is for smaller government, lower taxes, and preservation of vital services.

Budget and Taxes

Keeping Michigan’s budget on track and in the black should be a priority for every candidate. Limiting spending, cutting wasteful programs in all areas of government will be important toward balancing our budget every year and on time.  Raising taxes is not an option to solving the budgetary woes of the present and future.  Simply put, Jim will stand firm against raising taxes on Michigan families already overburdened by shrinking wages and rising costs.

Promoting Business and Commerce

As a small business owner, Jim knows the importance of saving businesses money and time. A careful evaluation of every new regulation will need to be undertaken.  Further, Jim will seek to eliminate egregious regulations currently in place, especially as they impose barriers to entry for aspiring new enterprises vital to an economic renaissance.  Simply put, the government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers.  Jim acknowledges and applauds the Governor’s efforts to cut burdensome regulations.


As an educator, Jim knows how important it is to provide quality and efficient services to our kids. Michigan’s future is relying on properly spending and managing our public school systems, even in trying financial times.


It is no secret that our infrastructure is in terrible condition.  Lack of investment in our roads year after year has come back to haunt us this winter.  Jim will turn over every rock in Lansing looking for dollars to fix this problem.  Good, safe roads are an integral foundation to attracting new businesses and jobs to Michigan.  Jim will boldly accept the charge to make fixing roads a top legislative priority.


If you have specific questions about a position or policy issue, please contact Jim at 248-343-5941 or at info@electjimtedder.com